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Get Involved

Transylvania has an active list of student organizations, and our Office of Campus and Community Engagement gives students the support they need to work and have fun together.

  • Campus Engagement — Join one of more than 50 campus clubs and organizations to meet people who share your interests
  • Community Engagement — Our location gives students the opportunity to be good citizens of Lexington and partner with amazing community organizations.



At Transy, a lot of students are involved in a bunch of organizations.

Everyone here, if you ask them, they're involved in something. Literally anything from like more involved to less involved, we have here, so it's just up to you which ones you choose.

I think it's really important to be involved in a community around you. And I think Transy's really big on giving back.

We'll go off campus to serve, or we can also do stuff on campus as well, go around and clean up Lexington, pick up trash, gardening stuff, too, around communities.

All sports teams have some sort of community service that they give during the year. It felt really good to give back to the community. And being with your team made it that much better, and you were able to just do it together and realize how much of a difference you were making.

They really encourage us to go out and seek out volunteer opportunities, and they really help us do that.

Greek life on campus is much different than you would really expect. Coming to a campus like Transy, it makes it a more personal experience.

I actually was kind of hesitant going into Greek life. But when I got into it, the whole Rush and the experience was not like the mainstream what I thought it was going to be like. And I actually ended up finding some of my best friends in the sorority, and it's really awesome.