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Make Yourself at Home

We believe that community life is a vital part of the college experience, and we’ve put great effort to give you comfortable living spaces and amenities to help you grow socially as well as academically.

  • Residence halls — Our new, state-of-the-art residence halls were built with community in mind.
  • Campus center — We’ve opened our new $29.6 million campus center that is the hub of campus life with dining, student services and space for campus organizations.
  • Bon Appetit — Our award-winning food provider creates gourmet meals whose mission is nutritious, locally sourced meals that cater to any dietary restriction.


There are five dorms. There's Poole, Thompson, and D.V.-- the only dorms that are strictly first-year students. Then Kincaid is a mix of first-year and other students, and then Bassett is the Greek dorm, so no first-year students live there.

Dalton-Voigt, Poole, and Kincaid are all suite style. There's a right spot for everybody. You won't be uncomfortable living in any space. If you want to live with four people in a suite style dorm, you can, but if you just want one roommate, that's available to you as well.

Transy has a partnership with Bon Appetit. All the food is locally grown, and we're the only school in Kentucky that Bon Appetit serves. And the food is just amazing.

They have a wide variety. They have vegan options, and then they always have a different main dish. It's something new every day, something completely different.

When I'm walking to class, I'll probably meet at least three to four people I know, and they wave hey to me. Or they stop and we talk, or we're like, "let's get coffee sometime." That positive experience every single day solidifies I made the right choice to come here.