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A Great Value

Transylvania is consistently ranked among the best liberal arts colleges in the nation for value by publications like the Princeton Review and Washington Monthly. Take a look at some of the ways we make college affordable for your family.

  • Financial Aid— Last year, 100% of students received financial aid to help defray costs.
  • Scholarships — Transy offers competitive scholarships for arts, academics, leadership and more.
  • Pioneer Pledge — We guarantee you’ll graduate in four years if you follow our guidelines. In fact, our average time to graduation is 3.98 years!


Transy's one of the top liberal arts institutions in the nation. And I think Transy is a really great value for education, because it's a small school in a really big city. And there are a lot of opportunities in the community. And I just think it's really wonderful that Transy can help you make these connections.

Transy will rank as one of the most affordable, especially within the region. 98% of our students receive financial aid. Financial assistance will be available for you.

There's a lot of scholarships available. You can meet with an advisor and talk about which options would be best for you. And the scholarships range from anything from like music to academic scholarships as well.

When we're talking about value, graduation is the key. 90% of our students that graduate will do so in four years or less. That means you are marketable to graduate schools or to the job market in your fifth year, while at other institutions, you're still in class.