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Pioneer Pride

Our Pioneers know what it takes to win. They train and compete in state-of-the art facilities with a highly skilled athletic staff and die-hard fans cheering their every move. 
Our coaches support our athletes' academic pursuits while pushing players to perform at the highest level. Teammates, coaches, professors and our campus community all contribute to our Pioneers' success. 
Every year we celebrate that success at the Rafys, our athletics awards and senior send off. 

Why I'm proud to be a Pioneer is because of the excellence that we have, not just on the field athletically, but academically as well.

We are all athletes and we're great at our craft, but then we can also go in the classroom and do amazing things.

Being a Pioneer means that you're trustworthy.

I'm proud to be a Pioneer because it's not every day you can go to a school so small and do such big things.

I'm so proud to wear this uniform just to put it on and just represent the place that I love so much it's just a great opportunity.

The people who come to Transy and play a sport here are here for the love of it.

From my teammates, I've learned to keep pushing.

I was actually able to win both 100M and 200M breaststroke at our conference. Seeing that all my hard work had finally paid off and then seeing my coach's faces on the side, it was awesome.

One thing that I've heard from my coach here has been how to expect yourself to be excellent in everything that you do.

You have to have the confidence and you have to allow others to build you up.

The great thing about being a Transy athlete is it's more than just about the athletics. I have mentors like my coach and upperclassmen on my team and they pushed me to be a better all-around person and athlete and student.

The support I've gotten from everybody - my coaches, my teammates, my professors in BSC - I felt really, really welcomed here.

I've learned how to be strong from my coaches. They push me to be the best cheerleader that I could possibly be.

He really wants to make sure that, I mean that, yes we're gonna be good at baseball, but that we're gonna grow up and become successful people.

The seniors on our team are an inspiration to me I just want to thank them all so much for being there to encourage me.

The upperclassmen on my team are awesome people to look up to. I would do anything for them and I know they would do the same for me.

I just like to congratulate our three seniors thank you for welcoming me into this baseball family and helping us grow become better as a team. There's people on the team that had been there all four years and they just give it everything they've got. Those are the people I really look up to the people are stuck with it and have just really given their all.