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The day before finals begin each semester, our faculty serve students breakfast at dinnertime — or “Brinner” — which helps take the edge off exams. Brinner is a tradition at Transy — a way for professors to show appreciation for their students' hard work all semester long. 

The event we are at is Brinner and in here we have faculty serving students food on the eve of final exams. So this is Reading Day and just before all their exams starting we're giving them the delicious gathering foods of tater tots and bacon, etc.

Students really enjoy seeing the professors like outside of the classroom, having them serve them for once instead of giving them assignments. Most of the time it's professors that students really enjoy talking to. You'll see them in line talking and chatting and sometimes they'll hold up the line.

We're excited to do moonlight breakfast for the students, because it gives you guys something different and breaks up the monotony of the semester. It's also a celebration for the end of the semester. And who doesn't like breakfast for dinner?

I think this event is really representative of the kind of relationships that Transy offers students and faculty to have with one another because it's an occasion to engage outside of the classroom and continue to sort of build community beyond just sort of what your assignment is the next day.