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Thousands of community members join Transylvania’s students, faculty and staff for the university’s annual PumpkinMania celebration.

Taylen Henry: Pumpkin mania is an event that Transy puts together for the Lexington community to come out and really celebrate Halloween. Pretty much all the students, faculty, staff, and all their family members will come out. It's a great event it has food, trick-or-treating for the kids, and also the students come out and help pass out candy and just get involved in that way.

Johnnie Johnson: I think one of the most important things is the carving. A lot of people like to come out and make faces and cats and draw bats and all these different kind of figures, and then they like to see their artwork displayed on the steps.

Henry: What's great about you know the kids trick-or-treating here, they're costumes are adorable and I love getting to see all the new ones every single year. But, also, it really shows they're gonna eventually be college students one day and be possibly going to school here, which is a great thing to think about.

Johnson: It's a way for us to open our walls, so to speak, for the community to come on campus see all that we have to offer, talk with our students faculty and staff. There are three elementary schools that also carved pumpkins that we went to their schools picked up those pumpkins, so they're gonna be here tonight to see what their pumpkins look like all lit up. So it's a way for us to really to bring those people on our campus open our doors up and celebrate this holiday.