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A Dedicated Faculty

Transylvania students often say that the relationships that they build with their professors is what sets Transy apart from most other colleges. Our faculty take pride in getting to know you as a whole person and will walk alongside you throughout your time on campus and beyond.

Our professors are leaders in their fields, and they make it a priority to include students in their own research. You’ll get access to research equipment and tools that are often available only to graduate students at other institutions.


We have a really excellent faculty at Transylvania. 98% of the faculty hold the highest degree in their field. All of your classes are going to be taught by faculty members, be that a lab section, be that a recitation section, always faculty.

Faculty are mentors to students in a lot of really interesting ways. And usually it grows out of the classroom, and often that grows into something during the term. So if I see someone who is really excited about a certain process or idea, I say, I'm working on a project. Would you like to work as my intern?

There is a lot of this kind of collaboration that happens between professors and students. Some of it is formal, and some of it is informal. Being in a small school fosters these kinds of collaboration because you know each other.

At Transy, you have many opportunities to participate in research. When you walk into my classroom, you're already participating in research in my labs. You're going to ask your own questions. You're going to design the studies and collect that data.

Research can start as soon as you finish your freshman year. We have a lot of grant opportunities that you can receive for summer research. I was in both Boston and New York doing research for what I'm now writing my senior thesis on.

As a faculty member, I bring real-world experience into the classroom by talking about my own experience. I bring speakers and artists, intellectuals, and performers of all kinds to campus to do workshops or to do critiques for the students and the faculty and even the city at large to get exposure to people doing really fascinating work.

Our faculty are passionate. That's why they're here. They're passionate about the liberal arts. They're passionate about working with students, and they're here to make a community.