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Why You're Going to Transy

This is it—the college experience you've been dreaming about.

A close-knit campus in a big city full of adventure. A place where you're encouraged to develop your imagination and deepen your sense of who you are. With professors who will prepare you for a successful life and career long after you've graduated. This is your training ground, your network, your laboratory, your circle of friends—your home.

Find out more at https://www.transy.edu

Why you're going to Transy.

Well, because we've got this and this and that and whatever this is.

We have her and him and them and this.

But do we have history? Check.

Tradition? Check.

The best campus ever? Check.

Living large on the back circle? Check, check and check.

Majors that matter? Check.

Outdoor classes? Oh yeah.

Pio pride? Got that. 

A hip downtown right down the street? Check.

School spirit? Check.

Sports? Check, check and check.

Best mascot ever? It's a bat. Transylvania get it? Oh yeah.

Values? Check.

Keeneland? Check.

Cool dorm rooms? Check. With private bathrooms? Check.

Trees? Check.

Squirrels? Check.

Famous people wearing Transy swag? Check.

But will tuition break the bank? Nope.

And cue the montage...

Oh yeah. You're so coming to school here.