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Play Hard

Transylvania is a member of the NCAA Division III and the Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference. Our Pioneers have a culture of not just growing our student-athletes, but competing for championships — teams have won more than 50 conference titles since 2004.

  • 27 intercollegiate teams — All of our student-athletes have access to experienced coaches and training staffs who know what it takes to win at the highest level.
  • Top-flight facilities — Our athletic facilities are some of the best in the conference and include unique spaces that Pioneers can be proud to call home.


As a D3 student athlete, we're honestly more like a family. We root each other on and help each other out and we know what we're going through together. And so, we help each other, and we just get each other through it.

We have our facility's down at the Fourth Street Complex, and they're amazing. They've been recently redesigned. The Beck Center is available to all students to go work out, use the gym, play basketball in the recreational gym upstairs.

Trainers are always there to give you whatever treatment you need to help get you back on the field. I love the ability to balance your athletics along with academics and your social life.

You get to workout with your friends, but it's not an intense pressure to where that's all your focus on is your sport. It's the best of both worlds with everything.

It's just so much fun being able to have games, have your friends come watch you. And being able to go to your other student athletes and see them at their sporting events is just a great time.