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Global and Intercultural Education

Transylvania’s Office of Global and Intercultural Engagement will help you find life-changing programs abroad to widen your worldview and gain valuable experience as a global citizen — skills employers value.

  • Our GlobalTransy program has partnerships with more than 35 international programs that allows you to study for a full semester abroad while paying standard Transy tuition, and you can use 100% of your financial aid to pay for it.
  • The innovative May term gives students opportunities to take travel courses all over the world with Transy professors on exciting topics.


So for people interested in studying abroad, we have the Office of Global and Intercultural Engagement. They are really helpful helping you find a country to go study in. They also help you find various programs that can either mesh with your major or just be a certain area of interest.

They can study abroad, they can do research, they can teach abroad, or they can do service abroad. Students can choose their interests. And our university actually will fund some of our students to be able to go abroad internationally and do research, and also domestically. I think it's a great way for students to complement their education here on campus.

At Transy, we have a unique session called May Term where students can take one course for a short period of time and really focus on that course.

In May Term, there are a lot of special topics courses offered. Also a lot of travel courses. So if you find that you can't study abroad during a whole semester, May Term's the perfect time to do so.

Here at Transy, we just implemented Global Transy, which is an exciting way for our students go abroad for a full semester. And what's exciting about this is that our students will pay regular Transy tuition. Study abroad's a great way for students to grow both academically but also personally.