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Why Transy?

Transylvania University is a place where true discovery is possible. Every year, we’re ranked as one of the top liberal arts colleges in the nation for our personal, community-driven approach to higher education.

We do it by having a dedicated faculty with professors who work to get to know you and your strengths, who will help you design a curriculum based around your interests and won’t hesitate to help you get into the graduate school or the career you’ve dreamed of.

Our graduates are well-rounded, creative citizens who thrive in any field and are known to employers for their innovation and critical thinking skills that they developed in school.

There’s a reason we’re one of the best schools in America.


Transylvania is a home away from home. You really do form a community when you arrive here on campus, almost from the first day, honestly.

It's really cool that you can walk across campus on any day and run into faculty or your friends. And I think that really just binds us as a community.

I always thought I wanted to go to a big school, but as soon as I came, I realized the importance of having a personalized education.

I quickly realized how much of a relationship with the professor all the students had. And I could tell that they could just go to the professor for anything they needed, and I really liked that.

You're not a number in a crowd. You really have a personalized experience here. And, also, when you leave Transy, you're the best in your field.

At Transylvania, you get so many opportunities. You are going to be able to explore your passion in science. You're going to be able to be a part of a play. And you're going to do it in a really exciting community.

It has been one place where I've never stopped working. I've never stopped going between places and having things to do. Sometimes I find myself overcommitted, but I think that's a tribute to how many opportunities there are at Transy.

Being in Lexington, specifically, is amazing. And having so many opportunities to reach out from Transy's bubble into the Lexington community is something that I wouldn't have gotten at another institution.

My job is so rewarding. I have students that come into my office, and I really feel like I can make a difference.

They become creative. They become intellectually nimble, good at dealing with lots of situations.

If I had to describe my Transy experience in one word, it would definitely be personal.



Worth it.

Location, location, location.