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Find Your Program

All of Transylvania’s 46 majors are rooted in the liberal arts, giving you a wide breadth of knowledge while diving deeply into your subject to help you develop the skills you need. And if those majors don’t cater to your specific interests, you have the ability to work with your adviser and our registrar’s office to design your own.

We believe strongly that exploring all fields is critical to being able to make connections. You’ll get to experience a variety of courses in your first year before you ever have to worry about declaring a major. And a dedicated adviser will help you throughout the process.


Transy's general education curriculum drives every student to develop themselves in a way that it's not just checking off boxes, it's creating a full human.

So at Transy, we have lots of opportunities for students to pursue whatever their academic interests are, from the sciences to the arts.

Here at Transy, we have 46 majors. And if any of these majors-- if those don't meet your need, you can design your own major here.

The first day you walk in the door, you're going to be working with high-quality apparatus instruments that you wouldn't have access to at other institutions as a brand-new student.

So when it comes to the technology based on computer systems, that kind of drove me to think in a way that wasn't necessarily how I would develop the data. But it made me think that without that kind of program, I wouldn't understand that aspect of data analysis.